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How to book a session

At HelloYoga we aim at making your life easier. If you are new to HelloYoga you might need a little help to book a session.


How to set up browser

Check your browser settings and allow HelloYoga access to your camera and microphone. Click here to find browser settings.


How to set up at home

Put your best foot forward and get your home practice off to a great start. Find a guide with tips and advice right here. 


What to practice?



Classic. Gentle poses, meditative breathing.
Perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of movement, breath, and relaxation, as well as for the more experienced seeking to align body, mind, and spirit. Hatha builds strength and flexibility, trains the mind to focus, and calms the nervous system.


Restorative. Slow, sustained poses.
A simple, yet powerful practice where each pose is held for 3-5 minutes, creating a healthy flow of energy, or chi, throughout the body – known to work like needleless acupuncture. Yin releases tension, calms the nervous system, increases flexibility, and nurtures a mindful state of well-being.


Flow. One breath, one pose.
Combines Hatha yoga poses and breath in a step-by-step progression, from basic postures to advanced postures to relaxed stretches. Vinyasa strengthens and tones the body, increases flexibility and energy, balances the nervous system, and calms the mind.


Athletic. Fixed series of poses at your own pace.
Classic yoga postures and powerful breathing based on your level — beginner, intermediate or advanced — practiced at your own pace. Ashtanga builds endurance and mental focus for a powerful, flexible body. Get ready to sweat.


Refine. Elevate. Push Boundaries.
Customized specifically for you, whether you want to improve your form or challenge yourself and your practice to new levels.   


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