How it Works

This step-by-step guide will help you get your home practice started, including a few tips to enhance your experience. 

How to Book a session




How to App-roach a session



Create a relaxing space, roll out your mat, and put on comfortable clothes. 


The bigger the screen the better the experience. Position your device on the floor 1.5 metres (approx. 5 feet) from the front of your mat when seated. When standing, take a big step back.


Always allow HelloYoga to access camera and micro-phone. Turn up the volume.


Tune into yourself, tune out everything else. Think more practice, less perfection. Set up before the session begins. Check in with your teacher to make sure they can see your entire body and hear you. Ask questions! Teachers are happy to share advice and info on any and all yoga-related matters.


How to Re-book a teacher


Step 1
My Teachers

Step 2
Select Session

Step 3
Choose Time


How to Find a booking

Find the bookings in Upcoming. Session start automatically when countdown end. 

Have fun!