• How It Works
    • What is a HelloYoga?

      HelloYoga is a platform for live one-on-one yoga sessions with the world’s best yoga teachers. It’s just you and a yoga teacher in an online video call.

      The yoga sessions are either 30 or 55 minutes and done on a live video call through the HelloYoga website or APP. You can use all devices for the sessions, if they have a camera and good audio quality. However, for the optimal experience we recommend you to use a laptop which has a bigger screen than your mobile.

      You can do the session from the comfort of your own home – or just from anywhere that fits you! All you need is a 2,5×2,5 m space, a device, and internet connection. No equipment is required, but of course if you have a yoga mat and even some yoga blocks then bring it on!

    • Is previous yoga experience required for using HelloYoga?

      No. HelloYoga is for everyone at any level.

    • Who are the teachers?

      HelloYoga teachers are highly skilled and from all over the world. Right now we have teachers from The United States, India, Argentina, Great Britain, and Spain and more to come. Common to all of them is that they are all minimum 200 hours yoga teacher certificated, they speak very good English, and love to teach yoga!

    • What styles of yoga do HelloYoga teachers offer?

      Most of the the teachers offer Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and a HelloYoga special called Freeform that is customized specifically for you.

    • How long is a session?

      A session is 30 minutes or 55 minutes. 30 minutes is suitable for a quick powerful session or just a short meditation to calm down during the day. 55 minutes is suitable for a full session with plenty of time to intro, poses and outro.

    • How much does it cost to practice with HelloYoga?

      HelloYoga offers three different subscription plans. The prices differ slightly from country to country. These are our prices in the United States; $49 for 5 credits, $99 for 11 credits, and $149 for 17 credits. The credits you get in your subscription can be used to book yoga sessions with our teachers. Our teachers price their sessions themselves from 1 to 5 credits. This means that the amount of sessions you can take with your subscription depends on which teachers and sessions you book.

    • When can I take sessions?

      Since we have teachers from all over the world we strive to have available times around the clock.

    • What devices does HelloYoga work with?

      HelloYoga works on all types of devices that has a “new” browser. Therefore, you can use computer/laptop, phones/tablets, and even your tv if it has camera and internet connection. We also have a dedicated iOS app. We recommend using your laptop for your yoga sessions to get the most optimal experience.

    • How do I create a profile?

      Just click here and tab in your name, number, email and choose a password. Then you are ready for yoga!

    • How are the payment terms?

      HelloYoga is subscription based, and payed up front per month.

Available on any device Download the app on your iPhone or use your laptop