Complete guide: Yoga for Beginners

It can feel very intimidating to begin your first yoga practice when you are new to the sport. You probably find it difficult to know exactly what to do and how to get started. Luckily, here in HelloYoga we have become experts in the yoga field. Therefore, we are happy to share our experience, guidelines, and recommendations to begin your practice in a safe and succesful manner. Doing yoga poses wrong can lead to injuries. Thus, we advice you to read our yoga for beginners’ guide before you start your practice.

What is Yoga

You probably already know quite well what yoga is (more or less). However, we won’t cheat you for a short explanation of what yoga is. First of all, it is important to stress that yoga is for everyone at all levels. Therefore, you should not be frightened by the “yoga vocabulary” that include terms you never have heard of. You can easily begin without knowing the terminology.

Yoga is a practice with the purpose of bringing together the mind and body. During most yoga sessions, techniques and exercises of breathing, meditation and poses are incorporated. There are multiple different style of yoga that have different approaches to the practice including techniques and exercises. However, all styles lead to the goal of unifying the body and mind.

The benefits of practicing yoga for beginners

There are numorous benefits of practicing yoga, and doing yoga for beginners is no exeption. The benefits of doing include physical and mental aspects, and we have gathered the most important here which yogis from across the globe tap into during their practice.

Physical benefits

Doing yoga is great for building up muscles and thereby increasing your strenght. Also your flexibility and balance can be significantly improved by doing yoga. I you have chronic pains yoga is an effective “tool” to descrease the pain and the stress that accompanies it. There are specific poses designed specifically to reduce chronic pains such as backpain.

Mental benefits

Many people practice yoga to increase their mental health. Yoga is known for being for beneficical for several mental aspects like stress dereasing and anxiety relieving. The reason to this is that yoga is all about finding a sense inner peace and being present in the moment while practicing.

Learn more about the yoga benefits here.

What is your goal

Setting specific goals with your practice is crucial. As learned above there are many things to benefit from when practicing yoga. If you e.g. aim to build up more strenght with your practice, you should do exercises specifically designed for this purpose. All the HelloYoga teachers can help you to reach your goal by advicing you about the best poses that should be included in your practice.

If you are in poor health or are recovering from an injury you should consult with your doctor or physician before starting your practice.

How to get startedYoga for beginners

HelloYoga is a platform for live 1-to-1 yoga sessions. We have gathered the the world’s best yoga teachers that can help you begin your practice in safest and most succelful manner.

Sign up to one of our plans and book your prefered teacher for a private yoga session. When the session starts, you can explain the teacher about your goals. You can also tell them about any injuries they need to be aware of.

HelloYoga only offers live and private sessions with our teachers. This is the best way to obatin personal guidance and feedback throughout your session. The sessions are always tailored to your needs only.

If you have any questions or concerns before booking a session you can always write to any of our teachers in advance through our chat-function on the platform.

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